About Us

Hello and Welcome to Rural Housewives!

This site is living proof that one simple blog post can indeed change your life. Jenny Dewey Rohrich sat down one day to write a fun and simple post about 10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life… And literally went viral! Through the exposure, her post was picked up and featured on the Huffington Post Weddings page. Jenny had no idea that a simple post sharing her own story could reach and connect with so many rural women across the nation and even the world. More importantly, Jenny had no idea that post would put here to where she is today, co-founding this site.

Katie Vaz, the other co-founder of this site, saw potential in the hundreds and thousands of women across the nation who commented and shared their personal experiences with Jenny through her post. She thought there had to be something more. So she took initiative and pitched the idea of an online community for rural women to Jenny. Jenny instantly agreed and Rural Housewives was born!

Neither Jenny nor Katie had any idea that due to a late night text message, turned idea, turned website, that both girls would be following their wildest dreams. This site is one of those dreams. Their vision for this site is to function as a sort of “rural women support group”, to have a place where rural women across the world can connect and find someone who understands the hardships of rural life.

Regardless of what title you give yourself, whether it be farm wife, rural dweller, or even city livin’ rural lover.. There is no denying the struggles of the day to day lives of rural women and knowing that there is someone out there who has been in your shoes is comforting. This site gives rural women the chance to find inspiration in others, give and receive advice, and share secrets on living in the rural life. But this site was not only created as a place where women connect, it was also created to give a voice to these rural women.

Our vision for this site is to give rural women the chance to share their stories… Stories of joys, successes, failures, fears and everything in between. This site creates an ideal situation for women who love to write, but don’t have the ability to commit to their own personal blog. If you love to write and are interested in contributing, please don’t hesitate! Join this amazing group of women! Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your own story because if you don’t tell your own story, someone else out there will! Be the creator of your own personal story!

Our contributors for this site are hand-picked by our Founders, Jenny and Katie, and represent an amazing group of strong, independent women in the rural world. I invite you to check out their stories. From farm wives, to girlfriends, daughters, mothers, and friends, follow along with our amazing journeys living the rural life. And welcome to the community!

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To read more about our Contributors, visit their page. Interested in contributing, visit our Like to Contribute Page?