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Chicken & Noodles

Please give a warm welcome to one of our newest contributors: Alli! Alli runs a blog called Longbourn Farm where she shares anything from awesome homemade recipes to animal husbandry techniques and renovating their property! Today, she shares with us a delicious homemade recipe for Chicken & Noodles…  My first…

Alli Kelley

About Alli Kelley

I live on 5 rundown (but lovely!) acres that my husband and I are working hard to rehab and bring back to life. We have a wide array of animals that varies depending on the season and year. Our flock of chickens is pretty constant and our two dogs, of course, will always be there. We are all about homegrown and handmade; I make everything I can think to make. We love homemade meals, homegrown food, and believe that life is what you make it – happiness is also handmade. I studied animal science for my bachelors degree and animal nutrition for my master’s degree so I am very passionate about all things animal and know a good bit about feeds and pasture management as well. I love it all! My website, Longbourn Farm, is the best place to get all the right information you need to make the most of your small acreage farm. It provides realistic, scientific, innovative content to help you make your property and animals productive, healthy, and cost efficient!

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