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Heidi Primrose

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To Be a Farm Wife

When I think of a “farm wife” I think of my Grandma Margaret. I grew up listening to stories about the farm and everything a good farm wife did. Taking meals out to the men who were working long hours in the field; growing gardens and collecting eggs to feed…

Heidi Primrose

About Heidi Primrose

Although she grew up in a small town in Iowa surrounded by agriculture, Heidi Primrose never imagined she would one day marry a farmer and live less than 15 miles from where she was born. But 13 years ago, she started dating a farmer. During their 5-year courtship she learned a lot about raising cattle and sheep, baling hay, and planting and harvesting corn. Not only did she fall in love with a farmer but she fell in love with a way of life. Eight years of marriage and three children later, Heidi could never imagine her life any other way. The ups and downs of farming can be a struggle but she is grateful for the life her and her family lead. Heidi works as a Speech Pathologist for the local Area Education Agency but is also a full-time mother and farmwife.

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