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Decorating In The Country

According to the definition of HOME is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. To me, home means my favorite place to share the best experiences with loved ones and display who I am. I take pride in my home and strive to make it as welcoming as possible! To do that, I have decorated to make it feel comfortable and display what I enjoy and think others will too.

I would like to share some of my favorite, easy, affordable, “country” or “rustic” style decorations that I have around my house. I am definitely no expert, some of it is very random! A lot of things I have gotten as gifts. My tastes have slightly changed over the years from more dark, wine-y, coffee, bar, fancy style to a little brighter, home-y, American pride, country living style.

Decorating In The Country: Dining Room Table

My dining room table: the placemats and flower pot were given to me, I purchased the wooden crates and mason jar w/candle for my wedding reception. You’ll see those jars in several places, as well as, another crate!

Above Kitchen Cabinets

Space above my kitchen cabinets: this is still a piece of work. I have lots of room to fill still but I love what I’ve got there so far! I enjoy wine and used to hoard keep all of my bottles because I swear I would use them for one of those pinterest projects but it never happened so…I finally cleaned up my act and saved my favorite ones that have more meaning. I got really spoiled at Christmas because I got hobby lobby gift cards and you know sometimes when you go there and hit a really awesome clearance sale? Well, that rustic flag picture frame happened to be on one of those sales! I couldn’t pass it up and so far it’s my favorite piece. I also picked up the red star that I’ve been wanting for years on the same shopping trip. The rooster decorations also came from hobby lobby. Can you tell I really like that store? My sister gave me the wooden Kansas sign that she found at an antique store in Oklahoma. I love it! I also have an old scentsy warmer that I had to move when my son became mobile and I thought it went great with everything else. Lastly, I have my plants. Some are fake and some are real. I am not the best at keeping plants alive! I put some of my favorite plants (I couldn’t tell you the name of them) in jars that I decorated with burlap and twine.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves: I placed random items we’ve received from several occasions. My sister made the yellow N ornament for our wedding reception so it’s another item you’ll see around the house. I used some more of those empty bottles to fill with wheat from local farms that my husband would help haul during harvest. I got to experience my first harvest the summer after I moved to Kansas and it was pretty awesome!

Decorating In The Country: Bookshelf

Currently, my bookshelf is a climbing toy for my son so I had to move some things but I love the top of it and the hanging item. Teal is probably my favorite color and I couldn’t pass up the cross at an antique store while visiting my parents. I am also a scentsy addict so I had to get the new lampshade warmer in teal! In the middle is another favorite…a picture of my man and I while we were dating that is in a Harley-Davidson picture frame. When we had the freedom and time to, we loved going for Harley rides but since little man was born we haven’t gotten to and are actually trying to sell the bike to save $$ for baby #2! I love the quote on the piece hanging up.

Decorating In The Country: Fireplace

Fireplace: I feel like this area is a little bare so if you have any suggestions on how to add flare to it, please let me know! I thought I could hang a wreath on the middle piece for the holidays.

Decorating In The Country: Mirror Piece

I got the mirror on this table at a garage sale for $2 and painted the frame white. It is really heavy and doesn’t have the correct hanging tools on the back (I couldn’t get any to install correctly either) so I’ve got it sitting on the table. The table is a perfect size for adding style to an area. The birds I bought for our wedding reception. I love the welcome sign and had it hanging up so people walking in the door would feel “welcomed” at my old house but there wasn’t really a place for hanging it here. The flowers were from my sisters wedding and I used a vase that I received real flowers in previously. I love the movie Wizard of Oz and have always loved the quote, “There’s No Place Like Home.” So when I saw this wall decal, I HAD to get it.

Decorating In The Country: Twine Bottle

This is a really easy craft to make. I used one of my empty wine bottles and twine. I just hot glued the twine around the bottle to make it look rustic. You can hang anything cute from the bottle and I had another ornament that my sister made for me so I decided to use that. I love monogrammed things.

Decorating In The Country: Collage

These are a few more decorations around the house that I love. This look is really simple and goes with many different types of items. You’ll never know how things will flow unless you try!

Do you have a special decorating tip? I’d love to learn about it!

Kelley Nuttle

About Kelley Nuttle

Kelley Nuttle is a stay-at-home mom from Western Kansas who has passion for family, making memories, taking photographs, traveling and learning new things. She grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma and made the move to Kansas after falling in love with her husband. They live in their dream home with a little bit of land, a neat old red barn and room to grow their family. Kelley is looking forward to sharing her adventures of life in words and photographs, hoping to inspire everyone to enjoy the little things!

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