Meet the Rural Housewives


About Jenny Dewey Rohrich

Jenny Dewey Rohrich is the writer, photographer, and recipe developer behind Prairie Californian. She is a self-proclaimed country girl, born and raised in Northern California. After joining social media, Jenny met and later married a third generation North Dakota farmer. She has since moved to the rural prairies of North Dakota where they farm wheat, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers. Agriculture has always been close to her heart and because of that Jenny started Prairie Californian. She strives to bridge the gap between those far removed from the farm by giving people insight into daily life on their farm. On Prairie Californian, she also shares about food, photography, and other lifestyle topics. Jenny is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post as well as a former contributor for She is also the Co-Founder of Rural Housewives, a community group and lifestyle blog for women to share their passion for the rural life. Jenny is a former participant in the National Wheat Foundation’s Wheat Advocate program as well as a current member of the American Soybean Association’s Advocacy & Training Team. Jenny resides with her farmer husband in a small town in North Dakota where she can be found with a camera in hand capturing the world around her, loves the challenges of bringing culture to the North Dakota prairie through a variety of culinary creations, and using her interior design degree to build their dream home.

Katie Vaz

About Katie Vaz

Agriculture has been a part of Katie's life since the day she was born, growing up on her family’s dairy farms in both Galt, CA and Roswell, NM, and showing registered Jerseys. Katie was highly involved in FFA and the dairy industry throughout high school and junior college (and even served time as a CA Dairy Princess – true story) and thought she would always stay in California, marry a Portuguese dairy farmer and live happily ever after. But, life’s plans change, and she ended up moving to the Midwest to pursue an agricultural communications degree at Oklahoma State University. She loved it so much that she ended up staying, and is now creating a new chapter in her agriculture story. Katie currently lives the city girl life as a communications specialist for Oklahoma State University, but stays involved and active in agriculture through organizations such as American Agri-Women.


Alannah Castro

About Alannah Castro

Alannah began her love affair with the equine industry at an early age. She began riding at eight years old and has been involved with horses in one capacity or another since then. She expanded her interest in livestock during her high school years by joining the National FFA Organization and showing cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. She was also a member of three State Champion teams in the Livestock Judging, Parliamentary Procedure and Agriculture Sales Career Development Events. After competing as a member of the Linn-Benton Community College Livestock Judging Team in 2010, Alannah attended Oklahoma State University, where she also completed internships with Judge My Ride, the National Reining Horse Association and Northwest Rider Magazine. While in Oklahoma, she volunteered for Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc., a Thoroughbred adoption program based in Guthrie, Okla. and developed a passion for helping OTTBs. She graduated in December 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Communications and a minor in Agricultural Economics.

Jessie Wyrill

About Jessie Wyrill

Jessie and her husband Jake live in north central Kansas on a farm that raises corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, grain sorghum, and black Angus cattle. Both Jessie and her husband grew up on family farms. The two met at Kansas State University while pursuing degrees in agronomy. Jessie’s husband Jake is May of 2012 graduate soon followed by Jessie in December of 2012. The two got married on April 6, 2013 and Jessie became a full time housewive and farm hand. She keeps busy driving the men from field to field and bringing meals out in the evenings. Jessie enjoys sharpening her skills driving the tractor, sprayer, and combine and in her free time she loves to crochet, paint barn quilt blocks, practice photography, and write on her blog, Both her and her husband enjoy spending their time doing farm activities together as well as shooting their bows. You can follow Jessie on Twitter at @agronomygirl and Instagram @agronomywoman.

Addie Haynes

About Addie Haynes

Addie Haynes is a Colorado cowgirl who met her husband at a rodeo. The couple now lives in New Mexico with their three young children. Addie grew up on a working cattle ranch and later became Miss Rodeo Colorado. She has a degree in Journalism and enjoyed a successful career as a television reporter and anchor, and later, a marketing manager. Now, she is a full time wife and mother. When she’s not changing diapers or doing laundry, she loves to cook, craft, sew, garden and help her husband with his custom farming business.

Nicole Small

About Nicole Small

Nicole Small lives in Southeast Kansas and their family farm. She is mom to 2 boys, ages 7 and 10 who are truly her life. Nicole is constantly amazed by what they do every day (sometimes in a good way and sometime in a bad way). They are adventurous, intelligent and ornery all at the same time. Spending time with them every day especially at meal times is very important to Nicole. Nicole works full time on the farm which means she works every day with her husband. She never planned to live on a farm, but her good looking, tall drink of water, husband has made their life on our family farm everything she could ever need or want. Nicole says, “I am not going to tell you that every day is perfect working with my spouse, but somehow we continue to get along wonderfully at the end of the day.” Nicole likes to share pictures and stories of their everyday life raising cattle, crops and kids. She also loves talking to others about our farm and answering questions about how food is raised. She even shares her favorite recipes on Wednesdays, so be sure to stop by next Wednesday to see what’s for dinner on her blog,

Alli Kelley

About Alli Kelley

I live on 5 rundown (but lovely!) acres that my husband and I are working hard to rehab and bring back to life. We have a wide array of animals that varies depending on the season and year. Our flock of chickens is pretty constant and our two dogs, of course, will always be there. We are all about homegrown and handmade; I make everything I can think to make. We love homemade meals, homegrown food, and believe that life is what you make it – happiness is also handmade. I studied animal science for my bachelors degree and animal nutrition for my master’s degree so I am very passionate about all things animal and know a good bit about feeds and pasture management as well. I love it all! My website, Longbourn Farm, is the best place to get all the right information you need to make the most of your small acreage farm. It provides realistic, scientific, innovative content to help you make your property and animals productive, healthy, and cost efficient!

Jenny Holtermann

About Jenny Holtermann

Jenny grew up on her family’s almond and walnut farm in the Northern California town of Chico. Her family has been farming there since the early 1900s. With all her family involved in farming, she too was going to continue the family tradition after finishing college. In pursuit for an agriculture business degree Jenny made the trek to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After meeting her husband in college, she made the decision to not move home after graduation as planned and to follow her heart. Jenny and Tim were married May of 2010 and are now starting a farming adventure of their own. Jenny and Tim own their own custom almond harvesting business and farm almonds with her husbands family in Wasco, a small farming town in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley. Tim’s family has their own farming legacy rooted in Kern County with an extensive crop background. Jenny and Tim plan to pass on the family tradition to their children some day. Jenny enjoys hunting, antiquing, their adorable black lab Massey and wine tasting. With a family full of nuts, Jenny decided to start sharing her adventures.

Amy Showalter

About Amy Showalter

Present day Mrs. Brown, aka Farmers Wife, finding joy and meaning in preserving traditions of the past, while making them authentic and new again.

About Anna Wastell

Anna is a small-town Kansas native but is now a proud Husker fan. She has a deep appreciation for wide-open skies and spectacular thunderstorms, proper grammar and a great fitting pair of jeans. She drinks coffee every day and wishes someone would make a movie about her life, starring Anne Hathaway. Anna loves to cook and is thankful for her husband who will eat almost anything. She, in fact, does not enjoy leftovers. Or disorganization. She tweets from @annawastell and blogs about pigs and agriculture for Gro Master. Above all, she longs to learn what it really means to extend and experience grace.

Annaliese Wegner

About Annaliese Wegner

Annaliese is a Wisconsin girl, dairy farmer and meat and cheese lover! She was born and raised to be a dairy farmer; before she could even walk, Annaliese was in the barn. She grew up on a 1500 cow dairy farm with her parents and sisters. Annaliese studied dairy science at UW-River Falls and met her husband at a university Dairy Club event. After graduating, she followed him to his home town and began farming with his family. In April 2013, Annaliese and her husband were married and have been farming side by side ever since. Their dairy consists of 550 Holsteins and is owned and operated by the family. You can follow my modern-day farm life at her blog Modern Day Farm Chick.

Chelsea O'Brien

About Chelsea O'Brien

I grew up in rural southern Indiana and spent a lot of time on my grandparents and uncle's dairy farm. My parents didn't directly farm but my aunt and uncle, along with my grandpa until he retired, ran the farm and babysat me during my very early years. From a very young age, I learned about the meaning of hard work, caring for animals, and the basics of farming. My love for agriculture further developed through participating in 4-H and FFA. After high school, I attended Purdue University and am now working to help ag-vocate for the agricultural industry as an ag communicator. I love my job and I am passionate about helping educate people about agriculture. I post about agriculture, hot Ag topics, events in Indiana, supporting my Boilermakers, and just my life in general. And most recently, I married my high school sweetheart and we are starting our new life together as husband and wife.

Suzi Campbell

About Suzi Campbell

Suzi is a mother to two beautiful redheaded cowgirls and one handsome cowboy. Suzi is an artist, accessory junky, animal lover, free spirit, and dreamer. She loves to remodel, refinish, cook, paint, sew, shop, decorate, and redecorate. Her home is filled with hand-me-downs and garage sale finds and she describes her style as eclectic. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and proclaims she is a kid at heart. Suzi keeps her camera at arm’s reach at all times in case she needs to capture the beauty before her in rural central Nebraska. She is addicted to cowboy boots and the color turquoise and attempts to make the country life fabulous. Suzi loves to share about making chores farm fabulous, creating easy and simple “Suzi Homefaker” recipes, and decorating her home using repurposed hand-me downs and garage sale finds on her blog Chores & Chandeliers.

Connie Gochenaur

About Connie Gochenaur

Connie is a stay-at-home-empty-nester mother of four beautiful girls. She loves strong coffee, good pie, historical novels, my family, and God. Now that her family is grown, Connie is discovering her creative side, and has recently dabbled in art, writing and crocheting. She feels completely blessed to live her life with her husband of almost 40 years. However, a recent move to a small Amish community in Indiana has turned the world Connie knew upside down. “Green Acres” has become her theme song as she adjusts to this new life. Connie is thankful to God for his grace and patience with as Connie figures out who she is and where she fits in the midst of all this change. Although her writing journey is just beginning, you can find a few more of Connie’s posts at

Crystal Kellner

About Crystal Kellner

Grain buyer, crafter, and mother of 3, Crystal Kellner loves sharing her family’s journey to building their dream home and farm in Northwest Indiana. Her family enjoys hunting, fishing, and gardening. Her blog, Chasing Saturday's, is where she shares her passion for writing and photography.

Devin Berglund

About Devin Berglund

I am a writer, dreamer, wanderer, all-time enjoyer of life & a country girl living in rural Minnesota. I love crafting stories that change lives. I recently finished my first book The Mason of Hearts. It is the first in a Fantasy Adventure trilogy. I am also working toward agent representation. I want to spread light, love, life, and joy through my words. I write about love, relationships, travel, writing, health, and life.

Danielle Horn

About Danielle Horn

Danielle Horn is from a small town in Northern California called Durham. She is a mommy to two little cowboys, 2.5 years and 9 months old, and a rural housewife for the last 4 year. Danielle has been very involved in agriculture from the age of nine when she joined 4-H to raise lambs and she is still very involved to this day. Her mom and she lead the advanced Sheep and Goat group for Butte County 4-H and she also coaches several local kids with their livestock. Danielle has a small flock of high quality show sheep and continues to help her family with their goat and cattle herd as well as her husband and family with their almond and walnut ranch. When Danielle is not involved in Agriculture, she is usually hunting which is another passion of hers. She grew up in a family of hunters and killed her first elk with a bow at 15 years old while hunting with her father and grandfather in Montana. Although bow hunting is her passion, Danielle also loves to hunt with her .270 rifle as well which was handed down to Danielle from her grandmother. Danielle’s grandmother hunted well into her 60’s so you could say women hunting in this family is a tradition. Few have accused Danielle of being a redneck, which is just fine by her! She loves the life she lives and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Emily Carroll

About Emily Carroll

Emily lives on a 4th generation century farm in Iowa. She is a registered veterinary technician who recently decided to stay at home with her son. She and her husband are also expecting their second child later this summer. She enjoys helping on the farm with the cattle and with planting and harvest. She loves to bake pies, read, and try new projects on Pinterest.

Elisha Neubauer

About Elisha Neubauer

Elisha grew up in a small fishing village in Dartmouth, England. The product of a British Mother and an American Military Father, she moved to the states in the mid-90's. She spent her childhood in horse camps and on her grandfather's 10 acre farm, where she developed a passion for farm animals and longed to have a farm of her own. After 11 years of working as a store manager in one of the busiest stores in the state of Florida, she met her now-husband - a German, who had just moved to the states a few years prior - and they purchased their dream home on 11 acres in Rural Central Florida. Elisha is a mother to three: a 9-year-old boy, a 6-year-old daughter, and a 7-month-old daughter. Elisha left the hustle and bustle of retail life and now works from home as a transcriber assigned to a Dairy Farm's audio files. Between starting up their own small family farm and transcribing for a Dairy farm - Elisha has been learning first hand the joys (and trials) of rural life. You can read about her family's adventures and mishaps on the farm in Elisha's blog: "European Geeks In Rural America."

Barbara Siemen

About Barbara Siemen

Barbara grew up in a typical 9-5 family in Mid-Michigan, but had family roots in the countryside. Though her initial college plans involved a big-city future, she fell in love first semester with a charismatic farm boy with flirty green eyes. Dorm dates turned into weekend trips back home to his centennial family farm, where she spent hours in a tractor, the milking parlor, or alongside his extended family at their frequent gatherings. After they graduated college, they married and moved “back home” to live where generations of Siemens’ had lived. Barbara, and her husband Darrin, have 3 adorable children and a future full of promise. While Darrin manages the daily operations of the dairy, beef, and cropping systems, Barbara takes care of the homestead, children, and office operations.

Stacie G.

About Stacie G.

Stacie, her husband Eddie, and their beautiful daughter, farm in south central Missouri. Their farm is a family commercial beef operation that they share with Stacie’s family. Stacie puts her B.S. in Animal Science, from University of Missouri Columbia, to good use with her day job but she dreams of coming home to the farm full time one day. Recently, the family operation has expanded into vegetable production, with the completion of their first high tunnel. Stacie loves interior design, the river, chips and salsa and a good beer. She loves taking photos of the picturesque Ozark hills and attempting to get a shot or two of her toddler as she gets her feet wet on the farm. There isn’t any other lifestyle that would work better for their family as they love life on the farm!

Danielle Beard

About Danielle Beard

Born in New Orleans and growing up in the suburbs of Louisiana and Oklahoma, it wasn’t until her freshman year of high school that Danielle moved to a very small rural town in northeast Oklahoma. Having had a love for agriculture instilled in her by three good men — her great grandpa, grandpa and dad — the transition to rural America was natural. Deciding to turn her love for agriculture and rural life into a permanent gig, Danielle received her associates degree in agriculture from Northeast Oklahoma A&M in 2010 and her bachelors in Agriculture Communications and Agriculture Economics from Oklahoma State University in 2012. After college she moved to southeast Kansas and began work at Farm Talk Newspaper, a four state weekly agriculture newspaper. Shortly after being promoted to editor in chief of Farm Talk, Danielle’s world was turned upside down as she fell head over heels for a blue-eyed farmer from western Kentucky, she had met during an OSU football game. After a few months of a love story better than a Nicolas Sparks’ novel, the man who stole her heart got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. January 2014, Danielle will add ‘Mrs.’ to her title and leave her family, friends and beloved Oklahoma to move 550 miles and join her husband on his family’s cow/calf and poultry operation in Kentucky. It is Danielle’s hope to take her urban born, rural raised background to bring a more understanding perspective to those outside of the agriculture community.

Heather Barnes

About Heather Barnes

Heather grew up in the city but farming is in her blood. Her dad grew up on the farm and her maternal great-grandpa was a hog and crop farmer. Heather majored in Animal Science at Virginia Tech and went on to get her Master’s degree in Agriculture Education. Heather left Virginia after graduation and spent almost 11 years as an Agriculture Agent with North Carolina Cooperative Extension. She met her husband, Brooks, who farms tobacco, corn, soybeans, sweet potatoes and wheat in partnership with his dad. When they decided to get married she relocated and switched careers, joining the North Carolina Department of Agriculture as a Marketing Specialist. Now living in a small agricultural community in eastern North Carolina, Heather spends her time pitching in on the farm when she can, chasing her two-year old son, taking pictures of all things farming and occasionally reading a book.

Heidi Primrose

About Heidi Primrose

Although she grew up in a small town in Iowa surrounded by agriculture, Heidi Primrose never imagined she would one day marry a farmer and live less than 15 miles from where she was born. But 13 years ago, she started dating a farmer. During their 5-year courtship she learned a lot about raising cattle and sheep, baling hay, and planting and harvesting corn. Not only did she fall in love with a farmer but she fell in love with a way of life. Eight years of marriage and three children later, Heidi could never imagine her life any other way. The ups and downs of farming can be a struggle but she is grateful for the life her and her family lead. Heidi works as a Speech Pathologist for the local Area Education Agency but is also a full-time mother and farmwife.

Jessica Wilcox

About Jessica Wilcox

Farming and ranching has always been at the core of Jessica’s life. She took her first steps in a corn field, and was driving tractors and combines while her friends were hanging out at the mall. Her family has been farming across Oklahoma since the 1893 Land Run. With such a great Family Farm history behind her, it was not surprising when Jessica ended up at Oklahoma State University, graduating with a degree in Agronomy and minors in Ag Economics and Ag Business. While at OSU, Jessica met a tall, dark, and handsome Wheat Farmer from Northwest Oklahoma, who happened to be getting his Agronomy Degree also. Clint and Jessica got married in May 2007, and moved back to Clint’s family farm SW of Fairview, OK. When they are not working as Crop Insurance Agents, you will find Jessica and Clint in a wheat or canola field, or out checking cows. When Jessica has a spare moment she likes to spend it at the barn with her American Quarter Horses or with her Border Collie.

Jesse Williams

About Jesse Williams

Jesse is a Research Agronomist with a passion for agriculture that runs deep into her childhood. Growing up in Southern Alberta as an avid 4-Her with a love for animals, she met her now drilling engineer husband, Clay, in high school. After completing their degrees, the two married in 2011 on Jesse’s parents’ ranch and now reside in Hanna, AB, Canada. Jesse and Clay are currently working on building their commercial cow/calf operation, as well as selling high quality red bred replacement heifers. When not at the office or in the corral, Jesse spends her time quilting, gardening and raising their pups. If you have questions about being married to a rancher (or the oil patch!), being thrown into a HUGE family of in-laws or about balancing a more than hectic schedule on and off the farm, just ask Jesse!

Kellie Jo Gregorich

About Kellie Jo Gregorich

Kellie reigns from the eastern part of Iowa. She grew up on a small cow/calf operation that also had a few crazy chickens running around. Shorthorns and Herefords are the breeds she raises and loves. Kellie is a 4th generation farmer and very proud of her heritage. Cattle are her thing and the 3020 is her ‘chine. Kellie didn’t have an average life growing up. She chose not to. Kellie loved the outdoors and being surrounded by her animals. It didn’t matter if it was her cows, her bottle calves, the chickens, or her cats–she just loved to be with them. Her dad will tell you,”If Kellie is having a bad day, send her out to the farm. Have her drive her tractor and get some fresh air. Put her to work. This farm is her happy place and you can see that in everything she does.” She is not married yet, but plans on being there soon. Kellie has been prepared to be a farm wife for a long time. Having a grandmother married to a farmer and a mother married to a farmer, she learned all the tricks. She learned what the best meals were to take out to the fields, how to deal with a farm man’s ‘clock’, and how to really work as a team. Kellie had a terrible horse accident in 2012 that resulted in a shattered skull, sprained neck, loss of smell, some hearing loss, and a few weeks in the hospital. The accident actually made her stronger. It created a new sense of life and gave her the push forward in life. Many would suffer greatly from an accident as horrible as hers, but this allowed Kellie to grow. It was a wake up call. You only live once and she was going to make sure she lived to the fullest. No more dreaming, she was going to make it happen. Her adventure for agricultural advocacy is only beginning and she can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

Kathryn Katz

About Kathryn Katz

Kathryn is small town California girl who met her husband Brent (on a blind date none the less) and moved to rural Nebraska. She grew up a ‘town girl’ the extent of her agriculture experience was one year of cake decorating through her local 4H chapter, the visits to her uncle’s rice farms and the 10 acres of olives that her father had as a hobby – although she did pick that first crop of olives (her father told her she was earning her college money). After graduating college from UC Davis, a job working for her sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta) took her traveling throughout the United States. After 2 years zigzagging many college campuses… her first ‘real paying job’ landed her in Lincoln, Nebraska. Struggling to meet people, her parents told her… “you just need to get out there.” Her husband loves to joke that he was the third date that weekend. That blind date to a rural 4th of July celebration over 10 years ago turned into a marriage and 2… soon to be 3 kiddos later! This California girl now lives amongst corn fields and soybeans that her husband produces. Her husband says she knows enough about farming and agriculture to be dangerous! She tries to abide by the wonderful advice she received when she got married… ‘don’t learn a job that you don’t want to do forever.’ She can drive a grain cart with the best of them and haul a fuel tank to the field – however she would rather bring a tasty lunch or a snack than do the heavy lifting! She loves being able to look outside and see stars for miles, and that her kids can hop in with dad as he combines or hauls a load of grain to the elevator (yes we put carseats in our semis). Kathryn is very involved with a local ministry at her church called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers); she loves spending time in the Word, trying new recipes to feed her hungry boys and could drink coffee all day long. In addition to chasing kids; she is a photographer. Her love of rolling film as a high school senior and yearbook editor was reignited when she had her first child. She stays very busy not only capturing her own family but lots of babies, families and high school seniors too.

Kelley Nuttle

About Kelley Nuttle

Kelley Nuttle is a stay-at-home mom from Western Kansas who has passion for family, making memories, taking photographs, traveling and learning new things. She grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma and made the move to Kansas after falling in love with her husband. They live in their dream home with a little bit of land, a neat old red barn and room to grow their family. Kelley is looking forward to sharing her adventures of life in words and photographs, hoping to inspire everyone to enjoy the little things!

Lauren Arbogast

About Lauren Arbogast

A first date on a tractor landed this city girl in a farmer’s wife position on a third generation beef and poultry farm. Lauren was transplanted to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from a city (city!) close to the coast of Virginia. A beach girl growing up, she quickly adapted to her new rural surroundings and made passing the farm wife bar exam her mission. Almost a decade later, she still drives the tractors and checks chickens when her two mini-farmers don’t push her out of the way! She teaches early childhood special education in the local urban public school system, and is passionate about bringing agriculture to her classroom, school, and division in creative ways. You can catch her blogging about fun times around the farm, her Farm Fridays in the classroom, and some life lessons at!

Laura Withers

About Laura Withers

Laura grew up the child of a stay-at-home mom and banker in the suburbs of Knoxville, TN. She was a city girl to the core and after college she moved to Nashville to start her career. She enjoy all the luxury and modern conveniences of the city in Nashville, the grocery store across from her apartment building even had valet parking. She loved it and couldn’t wait to begin her life there. That was, until she met her country boy. A couple years after living in Nashville, the dating scene was becoming very unfulfilling for Laura. It seemed like an endless cycle of two-date relationships peppered with charity events, drink tickets, and an NFL game thrown in here and there. She was starting to lose hope and give up on dating completely, and in walked Tom, a crop consultant from Mississippi, in her life. She fell for him instantly. Maybe it was the dates they spent on the Mississippi Rive levee, maybe it was his accent, or maybe it was nights spent watching a storm roll in. Laura found herself in love with the country life. The two dated long distance for six months before getting engaged. The two now live on his family’s farm in the house Tom’s grandmother and grandfather built as newlyweds. Laura was able to find a job similar to the one she had in Nashville and is able to work a 9-5 job. She calls the two of them truly a “Green Acres” story. Outside of work Laura also likes to find new ways for a rural gal to stay fit, decorating their old farmstead, and being mom to their four fur babies (dogs). Although Laura enjoys the comforts of the city, she can whole-heartedly say that her home and her heart is now in the rural Mississippi Delta.

Linda Langerwerf

About Linda Langerwerf

Linda grew up on a family dairy farm in Northern California. She realized at a very young age her lack of fear and true love for cows. And so their loving coexistence began. Growing up Linda's mom always her siblings and her to go to college, pursue a career and marry someone who was not a dairy person. As it turns out, Linda and both her siblings all ended up on dairy farms.. and all have been grateful for that life. Linda didn't know she wanted to marry a dairyman, but life and the good Lord had other plans for her. With their kids all grown and on their own, Linda and her dairyman no longer milk cows, but instead tend to an orchard and feed some beef cattle. Linda enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, quiet mornings spent on the farm, and learning this new world of social media.

Ashley Messing Kennedy

About Ashley Messing Kennedy

Ashley Messing-Kennedy is the third generation to live and work on her family’s dairy farm. Although she is the third to take over this farm, there are many more generations of farming behind her. Ashley lives with her husband on the farm where her and her parents take care of their 210 cows and their beef farm. In addition to their animals they raise all of the feed for the farm as well as corn, dry beans and wheat. On October 6, 2012 Ashley married her husband, Eric who is a fellow dairy farmer. He manages the dairy farm he has worked at since he was 16 years old. In the future, they hope to raise the 4th generation on Ashley’s family’s dairy farm. For now, their life is busy, crazy and messy! Ashley blogs about daily life on the farm, fashion, remodeling their house, cooking and anything else that interests her. You can follow her messy, crazy life

Michelle Lancaster

About Michelle Lancaster

Michelle is a born and raised Washingtonian (Washington state) and grew up on a small hobby farm. Michelle likes to say, she became a “real” farmer when she met and married her husband and moved onto the big dairy. Currently, they own a small dairy (registered Jersey cattle), heritage pigs (Mulefoot) and chickens (Sussex), an Akita dog, and a few cats. They also have a garden, orchard, and many acres of timber to also manage. Michelle has degrees in history/social studies, and environmental management. She loves to learn. In Michelle’s spare time, she loves to hang out with their family, other dairy people, and their church family.

Amy Gore

About Amy Gore

Amy Gore is a stay-at-home mom of two, ages 5 years & 18 months, and farm wife. She was raised in Los Angeles County. A true “Valley Girl” living in the San Fernando Valley. With both her parents being in sales, other than being a consumer (and her Grandpa’s garden in New Jersey), farm wife is the last place she’d dreamed life would take her. In 1993 she graduated high school and came to Northern California to study at Chico State. It wasn’t until 2005, when she met her future farmer husband, that agriculture started to become a true love. Amy married that 5th generation farmer in 2007. They farm mainly almonds and rice, but have recently started to row crop sunflowers and corn. With six years of farm wife life under her belt, she is still learning and developing a deeper appreciation for all that agriculture brings to their lives. She truly feels that growing up a city girl gives her the passion to share how important agriculture is and paint the picture of who our farmers are.

Tracy Zeorian

About Tracy Zeorian

Tracy Zeorian is a third generation custom harvester living in Eastern Nebraska. She began her journey as a custom harvester the summer after she turned 12. Little did Tracy know that adventure was the beginnings of what was to become her way of life. Grandma once told Tracy, “whatever you do, DON’T marry a harvester” but when her Grandpa hired Tracy’s (now) husband, it was love at first sight for Tracy. Tracy’s husband was originally an electrician, but the harvesting way of life sucked them in. Tracy and her husband purchased their first combine, a used Massey Ferguson and the rest, as they say, is history. Tracy and her husband have four daughters and in the first few years Tracy was literally a single mother during harvest time as she held an office job at that time. Every spring, she and the girls had to wave goodbye to her husband and family as they hit the road. Tracy says “unless you’ve been in my shoes, you’ll never understand what it’s like to watch those loaded combines disappear on the horizon without you!” In 1990, Tracy left her job and joined her husband along with their girls on the road. Now their journey as a custom harvesting family begins early to mid-May in Texas and runs all the way until mid-September. They live in a fifth wheel packed with all the necessities and throughout the harvesting season travel over 2,000 miles through Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Montana. Tracy writes about their daily experiences of being on the road on her blog,

Kelly Whiteman Snipes

About Kelly Whiteman Snipes

Kelly is a born and raised Hoosier from northern Indiana. After growing up on a small farm, she went to Purdue University where she studied in various design and writing majors. After an indecisive several years, she wound up with a Bachelors Degree in General Studies. On her college journey, Kelly states, “Friends and family always pushed me into design and writing. I’m glad to have the skills gained in those areas, but if I could go back in time, I’d love a degree in agriculture. It’s what I know and love. Design is a just a hobby. A job. Ag is a passion. We can’t go back in time so I enjoy using my writing and design skills paired with my love for agriculture Post college, back at home, Kelly met her husband Dan via a blind date set up by a mutual friend. He was a simple Indiana farm boy only 20 minutes away from where Kelly grew up. He had a passion for agriculture like she had never seen. Following 3 1/2 years of dating, on the very unique date of 9/10/11, Kelly and Dan were married. After purchasing Dan’s great-grandparents farm together, they built their dream home, a pole barn house designed by Kelly with a two story living quarters. It’s a perfect way of life for them as their “garage” also serves as Dan’s farm shop where he can wrench on their older International Harvester equipment. Together, Dan and Kelly farm a few hundred acres of soybeans and corn with Dan’s parents. They dream of picking up a lot more ground and having livestock on the farm again someday. Kelly spends her days working at home on her blog Old Blue Silo, doing free lance design or writing and working on the farm. She enjoys decorating, antiquing, landscaping, riding horses, entertaining friends, tractor pulls, social media and four wheeling.

Rachel Asher

About Rachel Asher

Dare to Dream with Rachel is all about me taking a plunge into social media and raising awareness for agriculture in the avenue of showing the life of a farmer. As a woman in this field, I provide a diverse outlook on the farming life and am not your typical full time farmer! I myself have been raised on a 5 generation family owned farm with dairy cows, pigs and crops. I have always been extremely active in many agriculture organizations growing up. Of course your typical small town girl is going to be involved in 4-H and FFA. I took it a step further in becoming an Illinois County Fair Queen and then Miss Illinois contestant with a platform of Agriculture in the Classroom working with the Illinois Farm Bureau’s thriving program. In college I majored in Agriculture with a strong emphasis in Education. I always wanted a position where I could teach and interact with others who were not as familiar with the agriculture industry. This has always been my passion. My dream was abruptly limited when I fell for a tall, dark and handsome farm boy with chocolate brown eyes who lives in the middle of nowhere! We were married in November of 2012 and life on the farm has never given us a dull moment! We raise cattle, corn and soybeans. As of September of 2013, I guess it is safe to say I am now a full time farmer! Along with my husband and his family, we work to keep the 3rd generation farm business up and running. To add to the balancing act of wife and business partner, I am also a Mary Kay Director and even have my own studio, I also work with pageant girls on interview and speech techniques. You can’t stereo-type this girl! My dream is that this blog will not only educate others about the agriculture industry, but also bring encouragement to other farm wives! I figure give it a shot! What if this could be really big! What if this could give me the opportunities of a life time- to speak professionally and to educate others about ag! Life on the farm is hard, but can also be the best thing that ever happened to you! Never hesitate to go spend a little time with your husband, dad, brother or special guy. It really means a lot when you show some interest in what they do!

Rebekah Gustafson

About Rebekah Gustafson

Rebekah Gustafson spends her days as a mom to three horse-crazy little girls ages 2, 4, and 6, and a wife to her husband of 10 years in a small town in Northwestern Wisconsin where they were both born and raised on dairy farms. Her husband, Neil is the Service Manager for the local John Deere Dealership, and also crop farms with his father. Bekah attended the University of Wisconsin- River Falls and has a degree in Finance, but for now is just enjoying her time as a mom and wife. There is never a dull moment in the Gustafson house, as the three girls keep Bekah pretty busy with their crazy and adventurous spirits. But, she manages finds plenty of time to enjoy farming with her husband, riding horses, designing and making quilts for herself and others, and just enjoying a life filled with God's amazing grace and blessings. When she is not busy with her family or quilting you can find her working on her blog called Cooped Up Creativity, where she shares her quilts, DIY projects that she does around the house, and just a little bit of life and everything she loves.

Sarah Dashiell

About Sarah Dashiell

Sarah grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington. She met her 4th generation farmer husband, Shawn her senior year of high school. They married in 2002 and moved onto his family farm which grows wheat, blue grass, canola and hay. Sarah and Shawn’s families both homesteaded in Eastern Washington in the late 1880s. They are interested in preserving some old farm equipment and have also started to restore their barn that was built in 1905. Sarah works full time as a biomed equipment tech repairing and maintaining medical equipment as well as raising their 2 year old son, raising chickens and being a farm wife. Sarah enjoys helping out on the farm, running the grain elevator when needed, taking meals out to the field and occasionally bbqing out at the field for the guys. Her other hobbies are photography, canning, cooking and enjoying the many outdoor activities around the farm. She loves sharing the beautiful scenery and history of the Palouse and area farms with her photography.

Sierra Shea

About Sierra Shea

Sierra grew up in Missouri. Today, she lives just six miles from the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead in De Smet, South Dakota. Sierra feels like a modern day version of Laura because she lives in 100-year-old farmhouse with no dishwasher. Like Laura, Sierra is a freelance writer and farm wife. She writes about farm life and quilting, enjoys caring for cattle and helping on the farm. Sierra met her husband in 2010 when she was working in South Dakota for the summer as a marketing intern. Their first dates were checking cows in summer pasture and baling alfalfa. When Sierra returned to college at the University of Missouri, they decided to try “long-distance.” John and Sierra survived the test of distance; in July of 2013 they were married near her hometown. John and Sierra farm and raise beef cattle. Their farmhouse sits on the land originally homesteaded by Amos and Alzina Whiting. He was one of the first white residents to settle in the area. On February 18th, 1880 the first recorded meeting of the County Commissioners was held in Amos Whiting’s home on this land. In Little Town on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote, “[Pa] must go to the meeting of the county commissioners. The country was settling so rapidly that already a county was being organized, and Pa must help…the meeting was to be held at Whiting’s homestead claim.” Sierra loves the history of the prairie and the stories of the hard-working American’s who bravely homesteaded in unknown areas.

Sara Jensen

About Sara Jensen

Although Sara did not grow up in a farming family, she knew her place in life was in the agriculture industry. Her first step, go to Oklahoma State University and major in Agricultural Communications where her passion went from a spark to wildfire. Next, she met a super cute farm boy in an Animal Science class who had gorgeous curls and lime green eyes. It just so happened that Sara would marry that boy from class three years later and live in a small, farming community southwest of Oklahoma City. Her husband, Jared, currently works on the family farm where he raises wheat and manages a cow/calf operation. Sara, a budding photographer and freelance writer, is the Assistant Editor for the NRHA Reiner at the National Reining Horse Association where she writes and edits material for the international monthly magazine dedicated to the sport of Reining. While they don’t have any children yet, their dog “Sadie” keeps them on their toes at home.

Sarah Weigum

About Sarah Weigum

Neither American nor a housewife, but definitely rural, Sarah Weigum grew up on a grain farm in central Alberta. She left her small town after high school to pursue a degree in English literature on Canada’s west coast and then traveled around the country working in northern boreal forests and the nation’s capital. In 2011 she returned to the wide open prairie to work with her parents producing certified wheat, barley, pea, flax, and fababean seed. Along with operating equipment, marketing seed, and being involved in other day to day decisions and tasks on the farm, she also serves as a representative with the Alberta Pulse Growers and writes for several agricultural publications. Free time is filled up with lots of wonderful friends and family, both near and far. But on quiet nights a good book or her guitar make fine companions too.

Tana Berwick

About Tana Berwick

Tana was raised on a ranch in North Dakota as the oldest of three daughters. She knew growing up that her life would include Agriculture. After college and working on several ranches, she ended up marrying a farmer. Together, they farm and ranch in Northeast Montana. They spend their days busy raising our two daughters, along with durum, spring wheat, corn and sugar beets and have a herd of Angus cross cows. Tana admits that sometimes her life is crazy, but she is doing what she was meant to do. You can follow Tana on Twitter at and Instagram @cowcampcrazy where she enjoys sharing things about farming and ranching adventures and spreading the word of agriculture.

Stacy Walker

About Stacy Walker

Stacy grew up and lives in Northwest Indiana. Agriculture has always been a part of her life as she grew up on a grain, hay, horse, and cattle farm. She graduated from college with a degree in Landscape Horticulture and Design and a minor in Food and Agribusiness Management. Stacy married her high school sweetheart, who also grew up on a family farm, in 2005. Stacy and her husband own a produce and pumpkin farm and operate a small CSA program in their community. They also sell produce at the local farmers markets. They have three children, a few goats, a dog, and chickens. Stacy works part time for a wedding coordinator and enjoys being a rural housewife and raising her children. She enjoys spending time in her creative outlets making newborn photography props for professional photographers and sewing and crocheting kids items. With her family, many hours are spent in the garden as well. Stacy blogs about her busy life at The Backroad Life.